Thursday, March 18, 2010

looking forward

Today, I am looking forward to starting the seeds that we chose today at Downtown Home & Garden, our local farm/garden/home supply store, home of everything you could ever desire in kitchen supplies, yard needs, outdoor furniture. Hana and I have a date for planting tomorrow afternoon. Colors, colors, colors!!! Yippee!!!
I am also looking forward to a bit of quiet time tonight so I can finish the project I mentioned yesterday. I found very little handwork time during the fun and sunshine of today, so maybe tomorrow I'll have a finished object. In the meantime, here's a bit of color for you...

I hope you had such a colorful day!


t does wool said...

gorgeous color annri...and planting seeds...yes...finally!

urban craft said...

wonderful color combinations! I want!

val said...

Well, Hello there!
Just found your lovely blog and want to say Hello and how cheery your crochet birds are! They make me smile .... Thankyou!
Blessings, Val