Wednesday, April 14, 2010

keeping my eye on the prize

Here are the bundle of doll friends which will come to life at the Years of Wonder Conference at the end of the month (after-dark photo). I will be teaching the hand-knit body (see the little green guy?), securing the head to the body, and some ideas about facial expression. As the workshop is a short 90 minutes, an entire doll was not an option, but with some more prep work on my part (skin & hair), each student will be able to bring a doll away! The dolls are resting on my "dangling carrot", a stack of Hope Valley by Denyse Schmidt. The fabric is waiting patiently, trying not to tug at my skirt hem too often, to become a quilt! I haven't made a bed-sized quilt before and am a bit nervous. There is a lot of good advice being proferred, so I'm going to forge on... that is, once the workshop is tucked away. Why is it that what I'm sure is going to be a fun & inspiring workshop becomes such a hurdle, and the other tasks waiting in the wings look so enticing?! Sorry, that's not me complaining, just noticing the internal conversation again... :)


renee ~ heirloom seasons said...

You have some good projects waiting to happen! I think I need to make some little dolls, the big ones are so time consuming, sometimes overwhelming,tiny could be just right... Good luck with your workshop!

Alison said...

Oh Annri, your workshop sounds like it is going to be so much fun!...and you are such a great teacher {I know this to be true from experience~lucky me:)}, what a fortunate bunch your students are.
I can totally relate to the next thing around the bend~it always does look so enticing and I can see how the path ahead looks particularly inviting with all of those pretty quilting cottons. I love see the twists and turns in your inspiring...

tangled sky studio said...

oh look at those perfect little heads! what a lucky group of students you have annri....your generous nature will help all of them complete one doll and be ready to give it a go on their own. i love the green knit it lamb's pride? perhaps a small tutorial (not unlike the fabulous felt heart tutorial" would be good for your students and for us! i have the same issue when it comes to deadlines are not alone. and plus how much better does it get than a denyse schmidt quilt waiting in the wings (we all have her quilts on our beds!)


angelina said...

wow; what lucky little ones! what do you make the dolls from?