Monday, February 15, 2010


Buffer, filter, protection... whatever you call it, I've been applying it in many forms. In my last post I mentioned getting away and lots of tea, additionally there have been pots of soup and baking, game playing, reading, and most recently Olympics watching. Throughout all of those wonderful modes of coping with February, there is the constant presence of my wool & needles. Here is the way I've been buffering my noggin from the cold:
It's a Coline hat from Lucy at {a-black-pepper}. I used Berroco Ultra Alpaca in color 6257 and size 8 needles. In the pattern, Lucy has links to a few versions of a tubular cast-on, and I used Ysolda's from that list. Had I the right (smaller) needles with me on our get away, I think the cast-on edge would not roll at all, but I only had the 8's. So there's a tiny roll and it has grown on me, and I kind of like it now. The pattern is perfect and clear. I had not worked cables in a long time and was a bit tentative, but I really wanted this hat. Can you see that some of the areas within the cables are in stockinette stitch and some are in reverse stockinette stitch? I didn't notice that until I sat with the pattern, but it really makes the pattern special and is probably what subconsciously attracted me to this cable hat over others I have seen. I love the effect! I made the medium size hat, and it fits very well. I love it with my new red down coat! (hey, there's another buffer!) {eta: the designer's name is Lucy, for some reason thru a message on Ravelry, I got the idea her name was Kim... even though I was pretty sure it was Lucy. Strangeness. Anyway, Lucy is the creative brilliance at {a-black-pepper}, you should check her out!}
Also, I have a new top to protect me from our drafty windows! It's very comfortable and colorful. It is a Grown-up Girl Neighborly from Larissa of Stitches in Play. She modified Jennifer's (JCasa*Handmade) original Neighborly (for little girls) which I love too. Hana will get one someday. Jennifer's concept for Neighborly includes knitting an additional top for someone else, a "neighbor" so to speak. So, to honor her intention, there'll be probably at least two more coming off my needles! It was a pleasure to knit in an adult size, so I can only imagine that it will be quick and fun in wee sizes. My top turned out to be a stash-buster as I've had the two skeins of navy Lamb's Pride in the Stash for about ten years! The two skeins of Noro Kureyon are newer, but still had been in the Stash for a good while. Very satisfying to be chipping away at the Stash! Even Hana's color choices are skeins from the Stash. (there are more details & modification notes on my Ravelry page)
So that is how I've been holding winter's cold at bay. Simple, humble knitting. To cheer my soul and warm my bones. Thank goodness for the tools at hand and for having the able hands to apply to comfort. click. click. click...
How have you been comforting yourself through these days?
Ps - Thank you for the pep-talk in the comments on my last post. It has truly put a bounce in my snowboots! :)


tangled sky studio said...

thank you for the click, click, click of your needles over many years...your work never fails to inspire me. i'm clicking away myself but am too easily distracted (like a crow looking from one shiny object to the next...)


Larissa said...

less than two weeks left in february and looks like you're doing great! I have lucy's hat pattern too but i have yet to knit it. Love the color you chose. You did a beautiful job with the neighborly - it fits you perfectly! isn't that noro striping just amazing? Have a wonderful day!

susan10 said...

You are amazing!

t does wool said...

wow.loads of lovelies off the needles...want to finish my sleeves ;))-

Alison said...

Ooh, pretty! Could that hat be more perfect?! Stopping by here and seeing what you're up to always makes me want to make the same thing...some things never change {not that I want them to—I'm perfectly happy to follow your lead, the road always goes to such pretty places}.

perches said...

So pretty! I love the colors of your Neighborly, perfect solution to the white and grey and brown of winter.

melissa said...

ack- i LOVE your knitting!
your sweater has such beautiful colours. and that hat is very stylish! i would love to knit something similar this winter..