Sunday, February 21, 2010

moments like these

Often, when I cook, I visualize a scene of the ideal setting for the food I'm preparing (there's that optimism again). Sometimes, that fantasy can be the push I need to add just that extra side-dish, condiment, or garnish. Sometimes, more than not, the vision can lead to frustration too, wishing I had that sprig of parsley that would be so pretty or those olives that would be the perfect salty tidbit. Sometimes, though, the whole picture comes together like this... ... a new cookie recipe, a new knitting project, and a perfect cup of coffee in my favorite mug! I found the peanut butter cookies through Leslie, and with their perfect little garnish they sure make me smile. I'm knitting this top with a merino wool & silk blend which weighs next to nothing and is very soft. The silk gives the fabric a gloss and the rustic spinning keeps it all from being too sleek; a perfect combination in my opinion!

What moments are you savoring?

Oh, and guess what?! The Heart-felt Tutorial is in Crafty Crow, an awesome on-line craft project resource! I emailed Cassi of Crafty Crow to offer the tutorial thinking that it was a bit late for another Valentine's Day project, but feeling brave and that I should just try. I had cruised the projects for a week or so after I emailed Cassi, but didn't see it. Then just last week, I received an email from Helen of Curly Birds thanking me for the tutorial she found on Crafty Crow (Helen's heart pouches are so sweet). I had all but forgotten about the submission. I could (can) hardly believe it! Whoopee!!! Big news for little ol' moi. Thank you to Helen for the tip-off and thank you to Cassi for the link-up!


Katrina said...

the knew knitting project looks very nice. also that mug is simply adorable! (where did you get it?)

tangled sky studio said...

high five across many miles annri! i'm so proud of you for putting that very special pattern out into the universe even further...see what you got back...a big cosmic hug!

Helen said...

I thank you too! I had so much fun making your hearts - my daughter and neices felt so special on Valentines. Great tutorial.


renee ~ heirloom seasons said...

Hi Annri! Visiting and catching up... Glad you're surviving february, I'm trying also! I see you have knitting and cookies to help with the cheer :)

susan10 said...


Alison said...

YaY!!!...AnNrI!!!! You are the rocking one!...of course I've always known that!...but seriously, it was such a wonderful tutorial, so well done and with such care...a great addition to Crafty Crow.

Love, love the sweater pattern...of course ;)


ps~isn't the perfect coffee mug just one of the greatest little pleasures that life offers up...I think so.

Sayu said...

so proud of my sis. You go! xo

t does wool said...

woot-woot for you annri! great tutorial!

pink said...

A new cookie recipe and knitting pattern are two of my ideas of bliss. congrats on the submission being accepted!