Wednesday, July 7, 2010

tip toe

Hi. This is me, tip toeing back into this "room", my happy blogging place. (I prefer, for myself, a quiet, unassuming entrance to a room.) So much has been happening around the woolnest, the good and the not so, as usual. Here's a bit of the good...These peppy little socks are Turkish Bed Socks by Faith Munson for Churchmouse Teas & Yarns. The yarn is from Twisted Hare Fibers and initially produced blocks of red, blue & green which would have been great in a regular sock but wasn't working for me in this anklet. So I did stripes of 3 rows except for the sole below the heel. I modified the pattern to avoid seaming (and wrote the mods on my Ravelry page). They are a happy pair of socks and make me smile. I've since knit another pair for a friend but did not take a photo before gifting. There will probably be more; they look great inside my clogs! :)Little Hana socks here, just for fun! I'm glad to be back. I hope things with you all are fine and as you like them. I'll see you again on Saturday, ok? xoxo


renee ~ heirloom seasons said...

Hi Annri! Those are some neat fancy socks. Nice to see you back around. Hope the goodness increases!
Renee :)

Sayu said...

Glad to see you back!
See you on Saturday!
Really nice socks!!