Monday, March 23, 2009

in good company

Lately, I have been keeping good company. Today, an old friend who's a new mom and a somewhat new friend who's a two-time mom and their respective daughters were at our house for a mom/daughter visit. Then there's the company I keep since I joined the Swap. Of course, there's you, the company I'm beginning to mingle with here on my blog. And then there's the company which is pictured above, the squares from my Barn Raising Quilt from Larissa's book Knitalong. I consider those squares company because they're comfort knitting, not demanding, simply beautiful, varied, just happy to hang out here whilst all the hustle bustle of life goes on around them, just like good human company!
My friend Sari and I started our quilts about a year ago. While we're each knitting our own squares, we're sharing yarn which will now be in both of our quilts, so there is some link to the knitalong idea. Some of the yarn is left from other projects, some was purchased just for our quilts, and some is from stash. Sari's quilt is finished, and it's breathtaking! I'm about half-way through my squares. (You might have noticed that I am not a one-project-at-a-time kind of girl...) I love arranging the squares, dreaming of how it will look in the end and remembering all the different occassions when I knitted them. Knit into each square is a playdate, a violin lesson, a coffee break, a visit at my folks, jury selection, a sleepless night, a pod-cast, a jr. high basketball game, a road trip, a parent meeting; all those times where I have had good company (well, maybe not during the sleepless night). When it's finished, cuddling under it will be so comforting just for those times which have been stitched into it. Ahhh!
I'm so grateful for the company I keep, and the company that keeps me!

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tangled sky studio said...

what a beautiful photo! checking in with you is most definitely inspiring me to keep the needles flying...