Thursday, March 26, 2009

watched-pot knits

A while ago, Leslie posted about knitting while standing at the stove fixing food and she wondered, "You do this, right?" Right! It makes me smile to know I'm not alone in what I call my watched-pot knits! Again, I'm in good company...

That's another square for the Barn Raising Quilt posing with some veggies for dinner prep. It's Lorna's Laces Sock in Bittersweet, an all-time favorite colorway. Now that my hands know what to do automagically, it's perfect for those minutes when I'm waiting for the pot to boil; I can put it down at any moment and not worry about losing my place.

Along the cooking goes with handwork lines of thinking, I've settled on a pattern for the Swap (but I'm not tellin'!) I'm playing around with colors, looking for some cheery combinations for the kitchen counters of my fellow swappers. I'm leaning toward colors that I've seen on traditional Mexican celebration dresses like these beauties. I'll show you the colors when the camera battery is feeling more energetic.
BTW, could someone please advise on carriage returns on my entries, I can't seem to get them consistently... thanks!

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tangled sky studio said...

i'm a watched-pot knitter too! when i went to check out the barn raising quilt i fell in love with "olive's afghan".....hmmmm. have a great weekend annri and congrats on getting your blog off to a beautiful start!