Thursday, April 2, 2009


Lately, I've been practicing "getting with my gratitude." I admit, I need to remind myself frequently. Once it occurs to me, it's not hard because I am a fortunate being. I'm getting better; catching myself before complaining (or whining), turning the situation around in my thinking, looking for that silver lining.

The cotton washcloth is a gift for a young girl who sees the silver lining just by virtue of being a child, even though she could rightfully find a bone to pick with Fate. I'll wrap it with a bar of handmade (not by me) lavendar soap and a book.

I've also been pushing myself to act on ideas that have been lingering on the list of "somedays." Asking myself, "Why not today?" And that has brought about the moss terrarium below and the one I made for a friend. Looking at it makes me smile and sends my imagination off into that forest of tiny-ness. Soil from my garden, moss from here & there in the yard... why did I put that off?!

It's not the clearest photo, but this post is not just about the pictures.

Here's to doing the To Do List and smiling about it!


tangled sky studio said...

"getting with my gratitude" (i love that). i am a closet procrastinator...i appear to be doing many things but behind the magic curtain are many more ideas waiting to see the light of day (this forest of tiny-ness has just been added to the closet).

the nest said...

Beth - Your magic curtain reminds me of the line from The Wizard of Oz, "Ignore the man behind the curtain." But the ideas behind the curtains (yours & mine) should certainly not be ignored!

tangled sky studio said...

haha! you're right....have a great weekend!

themagiconions said...

You write with such poetry... and have such wisdom. Your blog is beautiful... I need a daily dose. Thanks!

Sayu said...

I love this mossy garden!! I need to make one too especially with so much NW moss!!