Friday, April 24, 2009

bright side

Since my last post, I've been struggling to get back here. By struggling, I mean that the week was full of those kinds of conversations where one might remind oneself that when these kinds of things happen, thank goodness it usually only comes in threes. We're all fine, but there is some serious challenge and growth going on in and around the Nest. Believe me, I'd much rather be sitting here in my happy wooly nest than grappling with all the messy bits life brought this week. But I will deal with it all and come out the other end better, I'm sure. But on the bright side...

When I'm dealing with life's messy bits, my handwork helps to bring my heart to a steady rhythm, allows my mind to dig around for answers, and just generally soothes my soul. A lot of projects have been finished this week - that's part of the bright side. A pair of Ysolda's tiny shoes (still waiting for buttons and their baby). The Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks That Rock Lightweight in the colorway Goody Goody is perfect if you're going for a pastel baby item. [I notice that Goody Goody is not offered right now, it was a Sock Club color. I think that Grimm's Willow-Wren or Easter Scramble are very similar to Goody Goody.] A cache coeur knit of the softest handspun merino; it will be like wrapping the baby in a lofty cloud! Our son's class teacher will become a grandmother in a couple of weeks, and I just love knitting for babies.

Preparing food is also soothing for me. The methodical preparation and focusing my attention on getting everything just so really gives me a place to get lost in for a time. If you're looking for a good carrot cake recipe, I highly recommend the carrot cake from The Silver Palate New Basics. I cut the sugar by 1/3 cup, and it's still perfectly, deliciously sweet. The recipe converts right into muffins too, which are great for lunch boxes and bake sales. Yum!

And, it never fails, that when I'm feeling mired down, I can get a boost from watching or listening to my kids. Hana finding joy in painting a garden or chatting with her dolls. Koji playing his guitar and singing along happily. And then the messy bits magically fall away, and the bright side shines through.

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tangled sky studio said...

The Silver Palate (and The New Basics) are my bestest buddies. After owning them for years I am always pleasantly surprised to find something new I haven't yet tried....carrot cake coming up! (your chocolate chip zucchini muffins are still a hot item around here too).
I'm sending lots of good juju your way on this windy and warm spring day!