Monday, April 20, 2009


Here I am. Spring break is over, we had a wonderful and relaxing time in Cambridge (thanks, Izumi!). When we got home, some laid-back busy-ness ensued, projects saved for a few days off: basketball hoop!, raking, planting, baseball, soccer, a musical. All fun, but I get to the end of those kinds of days wondering, "Where did the day go?!" Today is a so-called regular day, school for the boy, playdate for the girl & mom, work for the dad. This kind of day provokes an ahhh response in my psyche, getting back into the groove. I like it.

Sorry, no photos today. All the aforementioned busy-ness did not allow much computer time for me, and the computer did not feel like playing anyway (the dreaded word "corrupted" hurt the computer's feelings ;-) I did take a few photos of vacation and have a couple of finished projects to share, so when I really settle into my groove I'll post those with some stories. Ahhh...

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tangled sky studio said...

hi annri-welcome back! my blog photo is a itsy bitsy rosebud cardigan but it's a surprise for someone so i can't answer you there...shhh!