Tuesday, April 7, 2009

snow day!

I love a snow day! We got one yesterday. It seems the schedule just opens itself. With my new practice of grabbing those moments of "do it now" a snow day can include impromtu cupcakes! YUM! Then of course comes the tea party and some dancing....

To think, I was going to spend the day finishing laundry and packing for a trip to Cambridge. The trip is exciting; we'll see my sister, cheer for the Red Sox, walk and walk and walk, ride the train, and enjoy the get-away. Not to mention the plane ride which I'm reminded can be a journey in itself! However, making getting ready fun is a bit of challenge in my mind. But, I think I'll go print out a packing list for the Cupcake Snatcher (see her fingers up there?), grab a cupcake myself, and get to work!

There was a time that the cupcake-making might have been confused with procrastinating (my abilities there are stellar), but I'm choosing to view them as a carpe diem incident instead! ;-)

I'll be back next week with photos of our trip. I'll miss you while I'm gone!


tangled sky studio said...

YUMMY... I need one of those sparkle cupcakes! (those little fingers up on the edge of the counter are so sweet). Happy travels!

ps...i loved yesterday's post

t does wool said...

hope you had fun, annri!