Thursday, May 14, 2009

escape home

Here's where I've been:

This is a Simple Yet Effective Shawl by cosmicpluto. A friend mentioned the project after seeing SouleMama's, and because I'm always game for knitting some Noro, I was immediately on board for a knitalong. Once I chose a colorway (S185) in Kureyon Sock at a LYS, the shawl practically knit itself. Watching the colors emerge and play together was very motivating. I'm already dreaming about another colorway, just imagining how the colors will play out is like great riddle I can't wait to figure out!

I also finished a pair of basic socks! I thought they would go directly to the sock drawer, but the weather had other plans, so I decided to turn the cold weather into an opportunity to take photos. How's that for looking on the bright side? More details here.

This is some yarntini merino sock yarn! It's a "last call" mystery color. It is so fun, it looks like one of those fancy blue cocktails with a lime twist in it! While I'm knitting the next pair of socks with it, I might pretend I'm at a lounge with some groovey music sitting in the corner booth... knitting! Hah! I'm excited to have some of this yarn because I've seen lots of socks knit in yarntini colors and always like the color combinations. I've lurked around the etsy shop waiting for just the right color, but when faced with all that gorgeousness, what is that right color? So when I saw that I could pick a mystery color (meaning I don't really have to pick!), that made it just so easy. I loved the not knowing, and am very happy with the result.

Speaking of mysteries... do you know about May Apples? It's like a hidden treasure under a canopy of big green umbrellas, a sweet blossom. We have a patch of them in our yard, and I've convinced Hana that the blossoms are big street lamps for the pixies who live in May Appleville. Really, how can there be such a cloaked almost subversive plant in the yard that doesn't become a hidden world, right?! In May Appleville, it is alway Christmas time, that's why they always have Jingle Bell Flowers (aka Lillies of the Valley) all over town! Hana came up with that part, so I know she buys the whole tale. Yes, and that buzzing sound coming from the Purple Cloud Bush? Helicopters, of course! Don't you love it?! I can't get enough.
So, there you go, you now know where I like to escape to: my knitting and my imagination (and Hana's). It could be worse, right? Where do you go?


tangled sky studio said...

beautiful shawl and gorgeous they knit themselves-ha! (you are amazing). we have may apples too and i just brought in some lilly of the valley yesterday to spruce up the kitchen with some tiny beauty. my favorite escape came from sage last year when he mentioned a dream he had of me riding in my butterfly car thru a rainbow forest....i think of that as my happy place now!

Sayu said...

i <3 my sister so much!

t does wool said...

beautiful knits...

I said...

****love**** all the colors!! gorgeous!