Monday, May 4, 2009

knit night

For ten years, on Monday nights our knitting group had been gathering for knitting of course, but also for the comraderie. Some nights we'd just talk; the need to share our days trumping the need to knit. Most nights though, knitting & chatting went together accented by the occassional burst of laughter.
Some how over the last year our meetings have dropped from our calendars; family illness, returning to school, and plain old family life happened, and our gatherings have become a rare event. We check in with eachother via email or running into one another around town, but it's just not the same. We had a good run there for that decade! The occassions that we do still try to gather for are one another's birthdays; what better gift than to make time for a friend?I was out of town for the last birthday get-together, but tonight we had a plain old knit night, so I brought along the birthday gift in hopes that the birthday girl would be there. (She was!) The zipper pouch is made with a Etsuko Furuya echino fabric and is lined with some chambray (ala repurposed Ralph Lauren bed sheet). It is large enough for a 100g ball of sock yarn (or two 50g), needles, notions, and sock-in-progress (about 9x3x3). I put a handle on one end which can fit around a wrist for knitting on the go. I drafted the pattern for the bag myself after seeing similar bags at an on-line shop that was always sold out - I wanted one! I've made many of these bags as gifts for fellow knitters and have gotten nice feedback, so I'll keep making them! I'm kind of proud of their utility, and the geometry of the box/bag pleases me somehow. Hooray for DIY!

For this birthday girl (our knitting group's co-founder), I added a yummy ball of LanaGrossa Fun sock yarn which matches the bag! Yes, she wears handknit socks and she drives a Vespa! She's very cool.
Isn't my photo-stylist cute?!


tangled sky studio said...

annri you're sewing skills are quite impressive (and making up patterns too?). this is a beautiful gift which is sure to be loved. ou're stylist is much too big to be sweet little hana!!!!

the nest said...

hi beth! thanks for visiting + commenting, it makes me smile. i feel like we're having tiny visits.

Taizo said...

you are my inspriration sible!
lil stylist of course is adorable but then she's my niece... of course she is!
thanks so much for blogging - we are having mini-visits but then i miss you more!!!

Sayu said...

that was supposed to be sayu commenting - so much for shared computers!! <3