Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Today's going to be a busy one! I wanted to stop here before the day gets off on its way to give an update on what's happening in the porch:

and in the yard:

In the porch, early this morning, I began embroidering a motif on linen which will become the backing of the potholders/hotpads that I am contributing to the Swap. The photo is of a pile of snippets from crocheted part of the potholers. Happy colors! So I hemmed + hawed about the embroidery, but since the deadline for the swap is quickly approaching, a choice needed to be made! Now that I've decided to go ahead with an embroidered fabric backing instead of another crocheted layer, I'm really glad I did. I've been waiting for an opportunity to try out Sublime Stitching, and this is a perfect chance. I own a notebook of transferable patterns that are an off-shoot of the book. I borrowed the book itself from the library to get Jenny Hart's tips, and I think I will invest in the book now for future reference and for the ton of transferable patterns in there! It is simple and fun to do (once one decides to go for it!) It often takes a bit of a push, a sniffing out of the territory if you will, before I begin a handwork project that is not in my usual comfort zone (i.e. something other than knitting). But once I take the leap, I almost always love it. I am loving this embroidering!

In the yard, yesterday, Hana was picking a bouquet of dandelions, trilling about springtime and bumble bees while I watered the garden and seedlings. It was not an uncommon scene. By the time I was done watering, she had moved on to the swing, and I asked her if she wanted a jar of water for her flowers. She quickly put the brakes on the swing by disengaging her bottom from the sling of the swing and dragging her feet (I love the way kids figure that out) and made a bee-line to the picnic table, waved her arm, and shouted, "Tah-Dah!!!"

My little Andy Goldsworthy! Here are the words to the bumble bee song:

"busy buzzy bumble bee; buzzing by busily; busy buzzy bumble bee; flying by!"

That'll be our theme song today, I hope you have a great one!


tangled sky studio said...

SO andy goldsworthy (i adore his work)! i've been meaning to check out sublime stitching for awhile now...maybe after the dust settles. this post reminds me what it's like to be grounded and settled....thanks.

Sayu said...

ahhhh... lovely hana! great job!
Let's find what's next to assemble into art.
Love, Sayu

Sayu said...

I can't wait to see what's gonna be swapped! What's the due date Annri? I have a few things maybe I can add??? I heart you!

I said...

Tah-daaah, indeed! A work of art! H is such a cutie and so talented too!