Wednesday, August 5, 2009

yum. yum. extra yum.*

What a nice day we had!

First, we went to the Farmers' Market for some peaches and blueberries. Once home, I did a bit of blog reading and found Alicia's post which included a recipe for blueberry buckle. I've been thinking on blueberry buckle for a week or so, but couldn't come up with a recipe in my cookbook library, so coming across this recipe was perfect timing. YUM. Next, for dinner I had some chard to use. I was thinking quiche, and when I referred to Deborah Madison's Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone (thank you, S!) I found the recipe for Chard and Onion Omelette (Trouchier). I did a "favor" for a friend and took over (read: "received a gift of") her CSA share for this week which included the chard, basil, onions, and parsley of the recipe along with bunches of other gorgeous food and flowers. I think this is like a frittata, right? It was delicious and is all gone now; the whole family liked it! We all recommend it! YUM. I made a great big salad with one of the heads of lettuce, carrots, cucumbers, and pepper that came in the share. I think it was the best salad of the summer - everything was so crisp and tasty! EXTRA YUM.

Then, after dinner, my son, one of his good buddies, and I went to see Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince! It'd been a long time since I'd been to the movies. What fun! I really enjoyed it and wished the story would go on, I love it when that happens. By the way, have you every seen a pink nasturtium?! I love it. This one is from a mixed seed pack I planted which has produced the usual orange, gold, red, and then this surprise. So far, two blooms, but I've been checking every day for more...

*The title of today's post is brought to you by Little Pea by Amy Krouse Rosenthal, a book of Hana's which she received from my sister and her family. Little Pea expresses his love of spinach (over candy!) with the words, "yum. yum. extra yum." We say that a lot around here, as we love food in this house! Thank you, sible.

Ps - A techie I am not. I only yesterday figured out how to allow comments w/o a Blogger account and have changed my settings. Actually, maybe someone out there should try it out, because like I mentioned, a techie I am not. Sorry if that made it difficult for anyone to comment. It makes my day when I get comments on my expressions here. Thank you!


I said...

Yumm-y!! The chard dish looks delicious, and if the certain teenager had a part in eating all of it, I'm sold on the vegetarian cookbook. Now to decide which piece of furniture must go in order to make room for that tome. Hmmm

Sayu said...

yay! wonderful veggie cook!
little pea - so cute - you're so welcome!!
OK - I'm really starting to get excited about coming to AA!


Anonymous said...

This is a test....

Actually, the frittata was really good.


Sayu said...

yohji used to call them "masturshums"