Sunday, August 2, 2009

buckets of thanks

Earlier this summer at Camp Michigania, my campmate with whom I sewed (alot!) gave me a "thank you for the pj pants sewing workshop" gift. She gave me a Maya*made coffee sack/burlap bucket! Now, I don't think my friend knew how much I'd been wanting one of those, hovering at Maya's etsy shop, waiting for just the right one, but somehow in that way that good friends (or sisters!) always seem to know, she knew! I gushed thanks at the time, but here's another big shout out: THANK YOU! to K... ;-) You're such a generous friend.

Now, right before camp, Maya made available in her Etsy shop a PDF pattern to make a round burlap bucket, and I did not hesitate to purchase that as soon as I saw it. I set the pattern on the sewing room table for "someday". Well, "someday" happened last week, and look what I made! Speaking of generous people, I think it is very generous for designers/makers to share their patterns for re-interpretation; it is a kind-spirited offering on many levels, don't you think? So, thank you to Maya too!
I made the medium size, without handles, and turned over the top inch or so for show. I used heavyweight linen which I purchased from LinenMe for the outside and quilting cotton for the linings. Since the linen is so sturdy, I only padded the bottom of the buckets with cotton batting, not the sides as in the pattern. I left the selvage exposed because I like the look of the linen strings. The cotton of two of them matches the new bathroom cutain.

The buckets are now housing the lotions+potions in the bathroom. I'm very happy with these! The pattern is very clear, it was smooth sailing all the way. I'm sure I'll make more since there seems to be so much stuff around here that needs to be contained! It might as well be a pretty container, right?!

Just for fun, since I know you'd like to see it:

This threesome visits out apple tree every day. :-)


renee said...

Thanks for sharing the deer picture! We have some that visit often too, but no lovely apple tree...

mayaluna said...

Your buckets are beautiful! I love how you interpreted the pattern and made it just right for you. I know I've said this on flickr, but I must say it again... the selvedge on linen is so gorgeous and you are super brilliant for leaving is exposed!

Your deer look like a painted illustration in a fairy tale!

I said...

Was that photo really taken at the house!? Enchanting!

Love the linen buckets. I thought the pattern on the fabric looked familiar--very sweet.

I said...

I'm moving back to Ann Arbor!!

melissa said...

such a great pair of fabric baskets! i love the idea of keeping them in the bathroom for all those little bottles and things one collects.

i'm in awe you have deer in your garden!