Thursday, July 30, 2009


Waldorf mama suggested a week of rainbows. We certainly have enough rainbows in the house for a picture-a-day for at least a week, but I'm not such a regular with my camera yet. But inspiration struck, "Did someone say rainbow?" I do love the rainbow! And a certain spectrum project came to mind. Last-Minute Patchwork + Quilted Gifts by Joelle Hoverson features a roll for colored pencils which went on my must make someday list. I know you have one of those lists too; mine's very l-o-n-g! Anyway, today was the day (the morning to be specific)!

It's hard to say which was my favorite part of this project:

Choosing from the piles in the sewing room? "Oh, I remember this one!" (me)

Drawing out a plan? I remembered my high school desire for becoming an architect.

Slicing them to size? In my youth, I also fantasized about a job in a fabric store.

Sewing together a rainbow? Still amazed at how simple construction can be so satisfying.

Stitching in the ditches? No hard decisions to make.

Hana sitting in my lap for the presser foot job? She smells so good!

Rummaging the ribbon drawers for the right color? "Oh, I remember this one!" (me, again)

Or the way she hugged it to her little self when it was done? "Now I can take my rainbow anywhere!" (Hana)

We trimmed some scrap paper to fit the pockets and rolled it up with a big snap. Et voila! A rainbow to go!
The project will remain on the must make someday list, but now it's edited to add: for myself! ;-)


I said...

A rainbow to go! That's wonderful!!

Sayu said...

So lovely, a rainbow whenever you want one! What a nice project. <3