Friday, July 3, 2009

back at it!

So, we're back from a great time at camp! It seems like every time we go, it's the best time ever, and considering that we've been going for eleven years straight, I think we're pretty lucky! It was hot and sunny, perfect to be on+in the water. When we weren't blowing bubbles, playing catch, or listening to the birds, the sewing machines were humming happily making pj's, pj's, pj's! and a couple of adorable unicorn skirts:
That's the best picture I have at the moment, but you get the idea, right? We used the Lazy Day Skirt pattern from Oliver+S. I'd made a few already, but my friend wanted a private camp workshop, so I gladly obliged since I wanted to make one more from this dreamy adorable double-gauze from Heather Ross' new line, Far Far Away. I hadn't used double-gauze before, but now I am hankering for more! It is so soft and sews up easily (I was worried). The gauze ups the dreamy factor of the magical unicorn print, and of course the way Heather does color is magic in itself! Our little girls love the skirts! What you cannot see in the photo is that the girls are wearing self-made unicorn horns! Part of the kids' experience at camp is beckoning and waiting for the magical unicorn who lives in the woods by camp. At the end of the week the unicorn delivers candy for all the kids! I love camp!

Re-entry has been pretty gentle since the hubby is on vacation this week too! We attended a birthday party, watched some baseball, worked in the garden, and had some painting done in and out. The barn got a fresh coat:
And in the mainfloor bathroom the walls got a long-awaited and much-needed fresh coat of sunny apricot! Shortly after we moved into this house, in a moment of diy delusion, I painted the bathroom. It was great until the next day when it was dry, then it began to crackle! A professional painter I am not! Wrong type of paint on top of the right kind of paint... So I made "lemonade" and washed a sunny orange over the white crackle and for a while it worked. Eventually, the cracks started chipping, and so it went until now. Now it's as it should be and pretty to boot! And since I can steal away to the sewing room pretty easily when dad's around, the bathroom window got prettied up too! A simple tabbed curtain from some stash fabric and muslin. I think some fresh towels are in order, don't you?

While at camp, friendship bracelets were the teen craft of choice (I made a few too!). For a while now, I've been ruminating on a crochet necklace w/discs or flowers or tiny granny squares, so since I hadn't put the embroidery floss away yet, I've been crocheting discs. It's addictive! I get lost in the possibilities of color combinations, sizes, and patterns! It feels great to get around to an idea that's been rattling around, you know? The pink+yellow version is Hana's pink lemonade necklace. Here's another one still in progress:

Fireworks tonight! More relaxation tomorrow! It's good to be home!


t does wool said...

enjoy your 4th celebration...lovely skirts...well...everything is great,really!!

Alison said...

I love, love, love the hedges next to the barn—so sweet, so fun! Funny about those little discs—I have a little collection of them growing at my house too—how strange is that? I think the possibilities for those little guys are limitless. BTW, your color combos are great...I would expect no less.

tangled sky studio said...

ooh i love the skirts and know a little sweetie who would love one! (thanks for the link to heather ross). i feel like my brief hiatus from blogging and painting is going to fill my head up with new ideas and inspirations...thanks for kicking things off.

ps: are those little discs crocheted with 6 strand floss?


the nest said...

yes, beth, the discs are 6 strand, a couple of them are dmc craft thread which is a tinsy bit thinner, but works up closely enough to use together. i just sewed two discs together back-to-back and i like it for a zipper pull or key fob!

xo - annri

lulubeans said...

the hedges by the barn are so excellent!
i love the crochet as well. :)

I said...

Oh, the woolnest is bursting with creativity and colors! Bathroom is so pretty (though "before" version was cool, too) and the barn looks great. Dad bird is quite the Edward Scissor Hands! Thanks for sharing the **love**.