Friday, July 24, 2009

the living's easy

Well, hello! How are you? The weather here has been so beautiful that we've been outside or in the porch more than in! Sunflowers blooming, morning glories climbing, nasturtium glowing, birds singing, hummingbirds humming, breezes blowing --- it all points us outdoors. And all the being outdoors makes me very happy. The big boy's guitar has even ventured outside a few times for some evening fireside strumming. Did you know that Green Day songs count as camp fire songs? ;-) One must take what one can get; but truthfully, I like all the music that streams from that guitar and my boy's hands. At this current stage, the teenager only exposes such obvious parent-pleasing behavior very sparingly, so these moments are noted and treasured! We've also been out of the house visiting over at my folks often this week, because one of my sisters is in town! Also, we celebrated my brother's birthday. It is very fulfilling to spend time in each others' company; that kind of easy company that can only be shared with one's family or very closest friends. We're looking forward to my other sister's visit (it includes cousins!) next month too!
When I come in at night, and I spend some time on the internet (an outing of sorts), I have been happily inspired by friends whom I've come to know. Wow, there is some seriously beautiful creativity going on out there, everywhere. I'm astounded by the open thinking, the kindness, the perspective, and the generosity. I can't get over the reciprocal visits I have had here; women whom I see as virtual celebrities, really. Somebody pinch me! Thank you for the visits and comments; they are like treasures to me.
The knitting is still going on, surely. The Spring Garden Tee from Never Not Knitting is done, and I hope to get some pics of it on its wearer this weekend. Hana has worn it once (immediately, upon completion), and it looked sweet, but I think a more blog-worthy ensemble is in order. It is a great top, the pattern was smooth sailing, and I plan to knit a wee version soon. I'm thinking of a wool version for the fall too, as the shape will lend itself to layering beautifully. I'm sold on Alana's patterns, it is obvious that she knows what a little girl needs to/wants to/will wear. I just downloaded the Chloe cardigan too! A topper like that is bound to get a lot of wear over dresses, keeping everything cozy as we like it.
So, you see, between posts here, life is good. I hope it's good where you are too. Thanks for stopping by!



Lisa at Lil Fish Studios said...

I have to tell you, this post made me so happy this morning. Those sunflowers are beautiful and brightened up the grey morning we're having here. Then, I scroll further down and see that you have linked me along with your sweet comments and it made my day. Thank you for that. :D

Enjoy your weekend. (and your sunflowers)

Sayu said...

yay! summertime, family, friends & lovely flowers. .. hi siblings!