Tuesday, July 14, 2009

happy! ::: happy! ::: joy! ::: joy!

Look what Hana made! She is so proud, as you can see.

Her inspiration came from a friend's toy cell phone pouch. She was a force to reckon with once she got her vision. Gotta' love that! She started while I was making dinner yesterday, knit some more after dinner, and finished after breakfast today! Lambs' Pride bulky, Koji-made sz 10 needles, a rainbow heart button picked up on our many yarn store adventures, et voila! a perfect pink pouch! Go, Hana, go!

And, look! I found some more hearts in my yard! ;-)

I used a free amigurumi pattern from Pepika (look in the free patterns for the 3-d heart). I've crocheted about a half dozen of these! I think they'll be nice key fobs, cell phone dangles (if I was ever going to have one, this would be it), little girl doo-dads, the possibilities are many! It's a great way to use scrap sock yarn (the variegated) and the bits of Koigu I have left from the Barn Raising Quilt squares. I used some Rowan 4-ply Cotton for the pink + purple. Pepika's own creations are fantastic in a sweet, over-the-top way. I like many of them. She also has an Etsy shop where she offers other patterns. I'm planning a snail soon - I have a thing for snails, don't know why.

When I produce a bunch of little projects like the hearts, it usually means I am also working on a larger project. I feel the need to finish something, so I seek out a quick, little something. The larger project (you're probably wondering) is the Sweet Spring Tee from Never Not Knitting. Once I got past the lace section on the sleeves, the stockinette portion remains. Little hearts to the twitchy-knitter's rescue! Don't get me wrong, the sweater is looking really nice + cute and the pattern is great, I just love to finish things - it helps me feel productive. I'll post the finished sweater soon, maybe on the weekend?!


Shalet said...

Good for your daughter! Happy knitting!

Sayu said...

Man, my sister has talented childrens! Go Hana-banana go!
The hearts are sooo lovely too!

I <3 you!!!

t does wool said...

she should be happy it's adorable!!

I said...

Enchanting garden! Is it my imagination, or is that a unicorn I see? Hehe

urbancraft said...

I love the hearts, so super cute!

melissa said...

well done hana! there'll be no stopping you now. :)