Thursday, July 9, 2009

home, sweet home

Here's the pile of pj pants that I made at camp! Hana scored four pair, and that should last her a couple of years! Koji got the rock star pair to add the the bunch that overflows his pj drawer. In seventh grade he even made himself a hand stitched rubber ducky pair! The hula girls fabric is some flannel I scored at the Parent/Teacher Organization Thrift Store here. That pair has special significance because in Nov '07, the four of us went to Kona, Hawaii for the tropical trip of a lifetime. Well, maybe Brian and I have had more than one, but for the kids this was the trip. Anyway, they both love their new "cozy pants" as they call them.

In the past, I've sewn a small piece of ribbon on the center-back near the waistband to indicate to the wearer which way the pants go (the patterns I use/used have a longer rise for the rear), but noticing that the kids don't usually hang up their pants (ahem!), I opted for a purely aesthetic marker: a small patch of the fabric sewn onto the inner back. If I were using a less busy print, I might use a contrast fabric and put the patch on the outer back for fun.

We are getting into summer vacation gear at home. I love to be at home. Puttering in the kitchen, the garden, the porch, the sewing room, those are my favorite days. I think the kids feel the same way. We throw in a trip to town, a baseball game, the farmers' market, dinner at friends' house, the pool, or my folks house just for happy variety. For extra spice, Brian (hubby) broke his toe! Poor guy. He's an avid runner, so it is sad as well as painful.

Here's a bunch of love for you from our home to yours:

We "heart" home! Can you spot all the hearts in our yard?!

ps - I don't know what happened with that first photo up there, but I got tired of fussing with it, so there you go!
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t does wool said...

those pj pants are sooooo nice...and love the heart shaped hedges.