Sunday, July 26, 2009

Hana = flower

In Japanese, hana means flower. That's what she's named for, and she is as sweet as a flower.
Here's our flower wearing her Spring Garden Tee. This was great to knit as I mentioned and is proving to be easy to wear. The short sleeves keep Hana from getting too warm, but the Samp'a cotton is cozy for these less-than-hot days we've been having. I knit the size 5, Hana's 4 (-and-a-half!) and she'll get to wear this for probably two years. Even though it's on the big side, I don't think it looks baggy or sloppy thanks to the nice cotton.

The lace on the sleeves is simple to work and gives a scalloped edge which is sweet.

The construction is top-down and seamless so it is a really pain-free project; no stall-outs!
Best of all, Hana really likes it and will wear it happily! Now, if I can only get her to wear the Mama-socks I knit for her... ;-)


Si said...

It's so sweet and sporty! Just like Hana!

villapeikko said...

Really beautiful!