Thursday, August 27, 2009

in the air

Things that are "in the air" here right now:

* cat dander (sorry if that made you sneeze),
* the smell of oatmeal+chocolate chip cookies,
* steam from the rice cooker,
* a few unfinished knitting projects,
* live guitar twangs (singing to go with),
* lots of laughter from cousins (and sisters) who are happy to be together,

and finally,

* autumn!

I will submit that it's probably really just Indian Summer, but this morning it sure did feel like fall here. Chilly and wet with a vague drone from crickets, frogs, and cicadas, all of them seeming to me like a call out for change. The change that is coming is nearly tangible in the air, it's definitely visible in the garden; the leaves of many of the plants are just slightly more yellow than last week, the hummingbird is visiting less often, the nasturtium are full and glowing, the pumpkin plant seems to be racing to spread its vine.

Of course, then there's the calendar (sometimes I just want to bury it!) Early September means a surgery for my father. The surgery brings a visit from my other sister. And, of course, autumn brings high school for Koji with all the dates to be kept for welcome-gatherings, parent orientation, etc. Also on the calendar is hubby's graduation from graduate school - big, happy letters on the calendar next weekend, then a lot of free time that certainly wasn't there for him/us over the last year-and-a-half. That will be a very welcome change!

Seeing that last paragraph written out explains to me why I feel a sense of pending. I'm glad for this place to think, write, and share. Thank you for reading. I hope you are all well wherever you are in place and time... :)


Sayu said...

It's been a wonderful visit.

I can speak for the cousins visiting.
I know there will be tangy feelings

~ of happiness to have been here
~ sad to part
~ hope to come back sooner than later for more fun
~ hopeful connections made this trip that will build bridges in relationships that will last a lifetime.

Hero ~ yes, he is. Congratulations doesn't seem big enough! Bravo

Strength ~ to Dad

Love ~ to Mom

"Thank you Sible" doesn't cover it.

tangled sky studio said...

the changes keep coming.....i wish you love strength and courage as autumn approaches.


t does wool said...

changes can be good Anri...and congrats to your husband...
autumn is in the air....

alison said...

So nice to read your words again!'ve been missed. I can so relate to calendar—life feels like Mr. Toad's wild ride sometimes‚exhilarating, joyous and overwhelming all at once—but a good ride non-the-less. Congrats to the men in the house for the completion and beginning of their scholastic journeys. Hip-hip-hurrah! They are so lucky to have your steady spirit and abiding love as a constant companion. Strength and health to your dear family.