Monday, September 7, 2009


In my last post, I did not mention a very important pending item: the beginning of high school for our son! It is certainly not because it's not been on my mind, but I feel it has more to do with the expanse of the suspense. I've been trying to live in the moment right here and now, and I believe I have accomplished that for the most part this summer. So when I posted about the pending items, high school was a future item, namely to be fretted over in the future. It is not only the start of high school, but the wondering (ok, worrying!) that accompanies the long view of parenting. "Set it aside, it is for another day," my inner voice reminds me to practice.

Well, tomorrow, it is the item of the day! All of the worrying has to do with the future, but tomorrow is simply the first day of high school, right?! (You see, I'm getting very adept at focusing on each moment.) So tonight, before I fall asleep, in my heart's eye, I'll see Koji in high school. And there will be no suspense, no worry.

Hooray for you, Dear One! I love you endlessly.

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alison said...

How can we be here already?...Annri, as always you have such a poetic way of expressing this time of transition. Holding tight and letting—so cliche I know, but it does seem to be the way of things. I know that your sweet family will revel in the roller-coaster ride that is highschool and that your steady spirit will be at the heart of things all along the way. With two kids in highscool, I can say that the energy around me is positively crackling sometimes—I love that—the unbridled enthusiasm and even the drama that comes with it at times. I know that this will be a joyful and exciting journey for you all. And...from one mama to another—so handsome and with such a thoughtful look about him—you must be so proud :)