Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Knitting! Through all the company, road trips and train trips, quiet evenings on the porch, and beautiful bonfires I have been knitting, really, I have. These are my newest pair of hand-knit socks, Hedera by Cookie A.I am very happy with them in the end. I started them in the spring, and the knitting was only in fits and spurts initially. At first, I was a bit concerned that they would languish with some other slow-to-the-finish socks. But then the lace pattern and my brain got in sync and then the knitting was steady and fairly quick! Then I faltered at the heel; thinking 24 repeats of the heel flap rows would be too long I opted to do my usual 16 repeats. wrong. So, I ripped the heel flap back all the way. If I hadn't gotten in the groove w/the pattern, this discovery could have been the end of the line for these socks, but I was smitten by then. I'm so glad I persevered. ;) The yarn is from Yarntini. The colorway is what she calls a "last-call", and I got a great deal on it on the Yarntini Etsy site (love that Etsy!). Fiber is 100% wool, and it felt great to knit. The blue is very brilliant and the green sparkles in little spots all around! I was initially worried about the bright color and how it would translate into socks, but now that they done, I really like my bright blue socks! (Upon examination, the green porch floor may not be the best backdrop. Note to self: consider background colors.) So, rest assured, you can still read about knitting here!

Check out this guy we spotted in the garden! Hana first thought it was the green center of the flower, and she inched closer. When she realized it was a frog, she stiffened up and whispered, "Mom, I can't believe I didn't scream!"

High school for Koji is off to a happy start, thank you for all the well-wishes and votes of confidence! Tomorrow, Hana gets to start a dance class, she is so twitter-pated! Pretty soon, autumn will find a nice rhythm, but for now we're off to a good start!

Another finished object tomorrow, if the sun comes out to play for photos...


I said...

Oooh, the socks are beautiful. I love the vibrant blue (with the background)!

Sayu said...

I love the socks, the pattern looked so complicated and I thought.... "only my sible could do this and keep smiling".

I love the little froggie & can't wait to see Hana's dances! She was being so careful with her steps - she's going to be an accomplished dancer!

Go Koji! yay!!!!