Saturday, September 12, 2009

there, that's better

I woke up in a funk this morning. So, I took a hold of the situation, and after a bit of pot-banging while making breakfast, I made myself some cookies. World Peace Cookies. If I had some toffee on hand, I might have tried Alison's recipe, but that'll have to wait until the next trip to the grocery. Now I feel much better! One of my regular gripes around here is, "No one makes me cookies." It is only a half-hearted complaint, as I love to bake. But sometimes, when I haven't had the chance to, and I really could go for a treat, those words escape my mouth (unto deaf ears usually).

So, here I sit in the porch, Saturday afternoon, kitty in lap (achoo!), coffee steaming, cookies waiting, and some knitting looking for some attention. I hope your weekend is as beautiful as mine is turning out to be! Here, have a cookie!


tangled sky studio said...

flowers and chocolate...a perfect remedy for just about everything! glad to hear your day turned around and am with you in spirit today (GO BLUE!)


Sayu said...

awwww, Annri, what a pretty shot.
Those are some fine cookies lovey! I hope you feel better!
I wish I could bake you some cookies. xoxoxoxox

the nest said...

hi beth & sayu!

beth, this is my eldest sister, sayu. sayu, this my beautiful friend, beth.

there are cookies on the plate for both of you!

xoxo - annri

Melly said...

love love your blog! hey has anyone ever done a blogger cookie swap! :) holidays are just around the corner. think it over leave me a comment at my blog. Happy Baking !!! blog is

alison said...

Love the thought of each of us sitting on our porches knitting, nibbling and sipping coffee at time :) Thanks for the comment about the interview—Alana is very nice. I still feel weird listening to myself—very odd that. BTW, you do know that you were the dear friend that I mentioned in the interview who introduced me EZ and got me really going with my own knitting, right?

Sayu said...

Hello Beautiful Beth!

I think your encaustic paintings are lovely. This is a medium that entrances me. Someday....maybe....I'll do it.

So nice to meet you Beth.


Sayu said...

Sible - those cookies are incredible!! I made them and could not believe how the salt makes them so flavorful! Thanks for sharing all the yum & lovely photos! xo Sayu