Thursday, September 17, 2009


He brings home the bacon.
I fry it up in the pan.
And never, never let him forget he's a man!
He does the laundry. My laundry man!

I mean that "he's a man" in the infuriating sense that he repeatedly manages to man-handle some of the wool items in the house, in the laundry machine! I know that I sound ungrateful. I'm not, really. I'm so glad he helps with the laundry. But I do wish that he would learn not to launder the HANDKNIT woolens. So when I was switching some clothes to the dryer yesterday, I discovered another victim. Internally, I screamed, "Not again!" I marched upstairs and waved the poor littler object before his nose. This last time he said, "That's pretty." He did not recognize that it was the cute hat that I was photographing right in front of him the day before. He didn't notice that it had shrunk to about half the size it was!!! UGH. This is not the first time, it won't be the last, but I do believe we have broken a speed record for Off-the-needles-into-the-washer. I'm really close to uttering, "Only a man!" But instead, I bite my tongue, take a deep breath and go to my yarn corner to mutter to myself.

The cute elf hat.

It's felt now.

It is so sad.

Too sad for pictures.


tangled sky studio said...

oh how i feel your pain! i too have a man who does much of the laundry but alas with that goes...shrunken handknits (and linens, and fine gauge cotton items). I must admit that this is a record time ruin. it's almost like it never existed...except it did...for one beautiful your lovely blog post (see aren't you glad you started the blog now?)).

with love and sympathy-

Melly said...

how very sad. And no you do not sound ungreatful. I'm sure you have thanked him plenty of times. It is an expected thing in our home, shrunken things. What is really funny is some times I will get a thrifted sweater and actually want to shrink it (felt it) before I use it for a project and that's when he'll keep a knited thing from going into the dryer, :) lol. Go figure, but at least he remembered! hugs from maine
p.s. maybe it will make a good baby hat if it's not too small.

alison said...

Nooooo!...I've so been there...from, "Really, is it SO hard?!...grrr..." to "I should know better and after all he was trying to help..." We morn the passing of that little gem with you. Thankfully you got some darling pics before it met its end and I'm sure that Hana will have some plans for repurposing it once she has another elf hat to take its place (hope she's not too heartbroken).

Only you could make this post sound so lovely, poignant and even a little funny—you are truly amazing.

renee ~ heirloom seasons said...

Oh, I'm so sorry! That really is very sad. Maybe you should make a little doll to wear the little hat?

I said...

Oh, nooo... !

So sorry.

Maybe little bells on the handknits to warn

the man

and Kuro for that matter!


tangled sky studio said...

you seem to have struck a chord here friend!
oh and now you can justify a trip to the yarn store?