Monday, November 9, 2009


Today is Hana's fifth birthday! Of course, I wonder where the time has gone, but then I watch her, and I see. She has used this time wisely, and where I see missed moments and too many rushed times, she has inserted creativity, tolerance, and good humor. Five years ago on this day, I saw a creature, today I see a creator. Really, she's been creating since that very first day; she created a mother of two, a father of a daughter, a big brother, a family of four, just like that, just by virtue of being.
We are celebrating by having a usual Monday (a playdate, quiet afternoon), but we're sprinkling in some extra special moments (putting together a new puzzle, preparing a special meal) to make the day hers. Tonight there will be cake and singing and a few more presents. Not too much, enough to be special for her.

Here's to our girl of vision and creativity: May you always possess the power to create your beautiful vision as you possess it today. Happy Birthday, Dear Hana!
ETA: In case you're interested, I fancy this Hana's theme song: Wonder, by Natalie Merchant.
Do certain songs seem like they just fit certain moments in your life, as if life was a show with a soundtrack?


Alison said...

The happiest of birthday wishes to sweet Hana, creator of joy!
I thought it must be about birthday time. Just looked for and unearthed the sweater I made for her after hearing of her arrival 5 years ago (and never sent, slacker that I am). A tiny little thing, thinking that maybe one of her dolls could use it now.
Have a wonderful day and happy birthday to you, the mama, I'll be thinking of you. xoxoAlison

tangled sky studio said...

Happy Birthday to your Sweet Girl! What a ray of Sunshine she is and every time you write about her that warmth can be felt across the miles...thanks for sharing your joy!

lucy said...

I hope she had a wonderful day. Happy Birthday sweet girl!

t does wool said...

Happy Birthday sweet one ;))

Sayu said...

Happy birthday Hana!

Shall we have a happy dance?
You are a piece of sunshine you know?

Love you so much!

renee ~ heirloom seasons said...

Five! My youngest is 5. She is so happy whenever there is 5 of anything. Happy Birthday to sweet Hana and mommy!