Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Many of you know my sister, Si. But did you know this about her? She and her friend, Helen, have begun a great knitwear business called Rain+Jack! When she was visiting over the summer, I got a sneak peek at some of the wooly goodness that they make with their own four hands, and the pieces are to-die-for cozy and happy. Of course, the website is fun; if you know my sister you knew it would be. You get to pick out color combinations and then "click!" you're the designer! How cool is that? Very. You could go tonal and neutral with the heather greys or ivory, or you could go happy and fun with the bright shades (the geranium is my favorite)!

You'll see that the styles are simple but chic. The Toastie hat is adorable any which way you wear it! At the top of the Stovie hat, it's an i-cord sorta chimney cuteness! Scarfigan makes me want to button up and wedge myself into the couch with my knitting and a podcast. That design is so cute with the contrast (or not) pockets which peek out down at the bottom - I love that best! And for the un-giftable someone, the iCosy in their colors is so great (I'm thinking teenagers' and their school colors).

Woo-hoo! GO RAIN+JACK!!! Please, go check it out, go play designer, and go shopping!

Can you tell that I'm proud?! ;-)


tangled sky studio said...

love, love, love it!!!! the simple and chic site the minimalist designs the fabulous colors....they're sure to do very well! how will i ever decide?????

Sayu said...

Oh Annri, You are so wonderful. Thank you for your support!
Come one, come all! We'd love to make you something cosy...
Love, Sayu

Miri said...

ooh, it all looks great, i wish them much luck & success!!