Tuesday, December 22, 2009

glad tidings + trimmings

I must be improving my perspective on what it means to be me, because today this mass of "raw materials" might seem like a headache to some, but it really makes me happy. I took this photo this morning before Hana and I started our wrapping fest. It will stand as testament to my commitment to spreading some handmade cheer for the holidays. There are some gingerbread felt ornaments, a top secret red gift (if you're Si, do not click link), a soon-to-be-felted and embroidered bowl, an embroidered snowflake pendant, a beaded necklace, some pom-pons, gift boxes of recycled catalog covers, and a few other last-minute goodies. It's like an I Spy puzzle! My own workshop at my spot at our table; I love it!

So that's the storm, here's the calm:
I love to sit on the sofa and gaze at our Christmas tree (cue the Charlie Brown Christmas music). There are a lot of sweet memories stitched, glued, and folded in our ornaments; the ones we made, the ones made for us, the ones we chose to add that represent a special time or sentiment.
Some of the handmade ornaments hold the memory of a fun crafting frenzy that swept over me and some friends any number of years ago (anyone remember felt gingerbread babies? or beaded snowflakes?). I haven't yet tired of making ornaments; each year I find inspiration for a different few that I must add to our collection and share. Thanks to many blog-friends, I've already got a list of projects to make for next year!
So, again, it seems that I'm recognizing the balance and the teetering involved; keeping my eyes open so I can see all the shades of light and dark, because it's all there. I believe.


Sayu said...

oh to click or not to click.... i love your photo of the table top - it looks like heaven in the making!! have fun!! wish i was there.
it was so good to chat for a minute!!
sending good, good cheer!
xooxoxooxoxxoxo sayu

Agata said...

Merry Christmas Annri,
I miss that table of yours filled with so many possibilities and warm muffins.
Love from the warm place,

Alison said...

What a lovely post and so eloquently said—the teetering and eyes wide open indeed. Your words are just the thing I needed to hear right about now—thank you. Happy holidays to all of you there in the nest!xoxo—alison