Monday, December 7, 2009


I love snow. We had some glitter snow earlier today. Hana and her friend immediately went outside to play. With the sparkly snow dancing around them, they looked like a scene from a snow globe. So sweet!

Here's some other snow that has developed around the house:

This snow was precipitated (!) by Margaret Oomen at Resurrection Fern; her endless blog wonderland of inspiration is one of my favorite places to escape to. A couple of weeks ago, she generously laid out the making of these snowflake pendants. It took me a little self-encouragement to free-stitch the snowflake, but once I just went for it, I really enjoyed the making. I love wearing the pendant too. When I was getting ready to take photos earlier, I threw myself into a panic because I couldn't find that last one, that's the one I'm keeping. Guess where I found it? Around my neck! Silly me. My pendants are about 2" in diameter and strung from a handspun merino crochet chain, but just imagine the possibilities! I've had to write down the list of ideas because they keep coming, and I worry that I'll forget before I get to stitching. I'm thinking of a holly sprig with berries, icicles, fir branches, pinecones, etc. Thank you, Margaret, for the inspiration and instructions, again!
Any snow in your neck of the woods?!


lucy said...

The snowflakes are darn cute! Stitching can be fun but a lot of patience is required.

I love your new banner!

tangled sky studio said...

super cute annri! your description of the snow is making me a bit jealous (although check my blog tomorrow) and actually we may have flurries in the next two days! today as i was running errands a woman pointed out the mountaintop covered in could i have missed it???? i need to get back to a pot of vegetable beef stew but thanks for another post of beautiful creativity.


Margie Oomen said...

we have a very soft dusting of snow and are expecting more over the next few days:)
Love all your felt art work

britt said...

we had like an inch. no one can say what we are going to be getting in the next day or so. the reports are all conflicting. which stinks. i want snow. and lots of it. that's it i am moving

renee ~ heirloom seasons said...

Yes! About two and a half feet of snow!!
I love your embroideries! I have been doing some similar projects lately, (though not with snowflakes). I'm really enjoying embroidering on wool felt.

Alison said...

These are so beautiful Annri. So sweet and I love that they will still be perfectly placed even after the holidays—love that.