Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Not me, him! This little guy has found his way home to the Pacific Northwest to live with my oldest sister's family. One of my nephews has a crabbing licence, how cool is that?! The whole family goes camping & crabbing whenever they get the chance. So when I saw the pattern for this fellow on Knitty, I knew that one day this would make a good gift for the family who crabs together!
The pattern is excellent and it was very fun to knit this crustacean. I didn't even mind all those legs! I think the top shell is my favorite part with its curved rim above the mouth (formed with shortrows) and the bobbles that make him lumpy. Although, the pincher claws are pretty awesome too. I'm so glad I had someone to make this for! He's going to have a good life.
And about me being crabby, actually I think it's just me being tired. After the holidays, the new year brings a bunch of birthdays, resuming the family schedule, and gray days one after another. And once all that busy-ness subsides but the gray remains, I have a tendency to fall into a lull and at the same time keep looking out for a flash of brightness. If there happens to be such a flash, I'll lunge for it (thus the heartfelt tutorial) and then return to that more watchful state. That's where I am now, looking around and seeing some really beautiful light and wondering which direction to go next.
What direction are you headed in right now?

ps - Thank you for all the kind words about the heartfelt tutorial! I had fun putting together my first tutorial. I've put a link to it in the side-bar so it'll be easy to find later.


Sayu said...

We love this little crabby!! Right now it's happily resting atop a big bowl of citrus in center stage. It's totally right for this NW home. Thank you dearest Annri - we'll take good care of crabby. You even sent him with pretty newsprint from the fish monger!! You think of everything!
Now we need to get all of us crabbing in the islands!!
Thank you!
xoxoxoxoxoxo Sayu
The light is coming! promise!

perches said...