Wednesday, January 20, 2010

heart felt

Oh, I know, silly pun, heart felt... heart-felt, but I couldn't resist!I was trying to ease into the Valentine's Day mood, not wanting to rush anyone (including myself) or cause any panic, so I made a few quick heart-type items and sprinkled pictures of them around my spaces here on the internet. Subtle, suggestive, and satisfying! And now that Alison has got me all revved up about hearts and flowers and all things Valentine-y, there's no stopping me! ;) So, about the felt hearts... I found this Little Hearts pattern on Ravelry last spring, queued it up, and actually remembered it was there last week! With my Stash-0-Plenty of Cascade 220, I knit up a few; they knit up quickly. Once I stuffed them, Hana and I felted them. They felt so great while we mushed them around, sort of bread dough-like or baby thigh-like, you know? Anyway, I've got the pattern memorized now, and four more are waiting for their turn in the sink. I'm planning to embroider on some of them, but they are so cute plain, that I will try to keep from decorating all of them. I think you should make some too!

But wait! There's more! A few years ago, I made these valentines for my family and for a craft/bake sale at school.I'm going to make some more today, and I'll document the process for a tutorial. The project involves felt, scissors, embroidery floss, a needle, and chocolate! I'm guessing if you're reading here, you love all those things and might want to check it out! I hope you will! See you tomorrow...



Kristina said...

Oh, punny blog post titles are the best! I love posting recipes, and titling the post something like "the whole enchilada", you know? Why is it so much to make people groan?

Sweetfern Handmade

tangled sky studio said...

the felt hearts are adorable annri. i have the beautiful (and impressive) koigu heart that you gave me many moons ago hanging on phoebe's doorknob where i get to see it and smile everyday!


Alison said...

Yay!...I've been waiting for you to post this pattern since you put up your new, and very lovely I might add, banner. Printing as we "speak"...hearts, hearts and more hearts are the forecast around here!
I thank you most heartily {how's that for a bad pun}


Rainy Daisy said...

those hearts are just so stinkin sweet. If I ever have a free day, I will most certainly whip up a batch. In the meantime, I enjoy your pretty little collection :)

urban craft said...

i adore these little heart pockets. Great idea!