Sunday, January 10, 2010

bottle this

I wish I could bottle the creativity that bubbles over from her. All of this in one day. One very good day.Finished a hat for Molly. She'll need her own Ravelry page soon. ;-)Built a playgym for the dollhouse kids.Figured out that you can hopscotch with snowshoes on! Thanks, Aunty!


On my creativity front, I finished a couple of hats. Two heads worth of Malabrigo goodness!
On the left, a Felicity in the Whales Road colorway (just imagine the whales' journey). I'm hoping that blocking will relax the wool so the hat will fit an adult head. In the meantime, it's super cute on Hana. On the right, another Lyalya Hoodie. Hopefully, this one won't meet the same fate as the first! I used what was left of the Cuarenta colorway with some Teal. It is a great hat pattern and the wool is so soft she never complains of itches. {details on my Ravelry page}

I have been starting projects like crazy. I'm noticing that I get this startitis every mid-winter, once the knitted gifts are all given, usually in January sometime - ahem. Yesterday, I began a pair of Give a Hoot mittens for myself. They're almost done! It is an awesome pattern. I'm using the same Morehouse Farms Merino 3-ply that I used for Dad's leg warmer. Simply cozy!
Here's a pic of the first owl sans button eyes; I really hope the button stash is up to this job. I had to hunt for a while to find my cable needle; it had been a while since cables came off my needles. Someday, I'm going to make this owl-y goodness too! I hope you're having a cozy weekend. After our re-entry week and getting back to our usual school, work, play schedule I've ended up with a head cold, nothing serious, but enough to keep me quietly knitting. I'm kind of enjoying it. I know you understand.

best - Annri

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I said...

Wow, you both have been busy! Hope you are feeling all better. So glad the snowshoes are working out, especially as a creative outlet. Love those owls, and the gym is wonderful. xxoo I