Friday, January 15, 2010

my rock star

Today is our rockstar's fifteenth birthday! It boggles my mind how time has passed and how in some ways it hasn't budged. I remember what I ate (or at least tried to eat) the day before he was born; I remember the path of the walk Brian & I took during early labor; I remember the strangely warm weather, the mist of that day; the gentle encouragement of the delivery team; the way that in an instant, I became his mother. It could have been yesterday, but so much has transpired since. What a blessing in the form of a child, our boy.

As requested, he received his own dino!This little guy dreams of an NBA career.And rock & roll fame. How else does our fifteen year old wish to celebrate? Ride the city bus downtown after school, eat fun food, play a basketball game, and go out for pizza late. Oh, and chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting for the team and loyal fans, please. No problem. Wishes will be granted!

Happy Birthday, dear Koji!!! I love you.

ETA: additional requests: rice balls and a win!

... oh, and Nancy, I did finally get out of my pj's! ;)


tangled sky studio said...

does this mean driver's training is in your near future? YIKES!!!
warm wishes for a happy, happy birthday (and a win)to your rockstar!


amanda rose said...

very, very cool. happy birthday!
and also, thank you for your comment the other day...

I said...

Awww, so cute! Kind of has a Hana smile, which would bring another to brother's face. Wonderful!