Saturday, October 17, 2009


Getting cozy! It has been unseasonably cold this past week, and somehow this woolly girl found herself with no slippers. How did that happen?! No time to knit and felt a pair, I felt it was an emergency! So in keeping with my interest in looking after myself more regularly, I fixed it: So, now you don't need to worry that I'm cold. ;-) By the way, Alison wrote out some nice thoughts about taking care of oneself; reading that was like she was talking directly to me (as she's an old friend, I could even hear her voice).

Look what came in the mail!!! Some Sophie's Toes in the Christmas Tree colorway; isn't it great? I was looking to score some more Christmas Lights, but wasn't shopping at the right time over at Emily's shop. No problem! This is going to make a bunch of mini-socks/stockings and a pair of baby booties. I think I was getting a bit bogged down with so many in the same color, so looking forward to a fresh color should help me get caught up. Emily also sent a small ball of an autumnal colorway that will make a mini also! Yippee for knitterly kindness! Thank you, Emily.
Yes, you read right, "caught up." I've got eleven mini-stockings knit. Today is the 17th. I think I can catch up, but I am not going to be self-critical because I have been legitimately otherwise occupied. By otherwise, I mean: lots of soccer games (did I mention the cold?), substituting in kindergarten :), other knitting, family-keeping, birthday celebrating, and it's all great and fun but has not led to many finished minis. The other knitting that has been keeping me busy is almost done, so I'll try to get some nice pics and post again soon. Oh, and I won't come back without at least one more mini-sock! ;)

xoxo and <3 (that heart is from Hana)

ETA - I just noticed that Emily has taken her shop to a show today, so check back there in a few days to shop her yummy sock knitting related goodness! <3


tangled sky studio said...

oh-you know i'm ga-ga for those slippers! i have the black with the 1/2 sheeps but they are wearing very thin after two years....( i guess i need to go read that post too) the mini socks are so sweet and i have no doubt you'll catch up with that yummy new yarn. did you see this picture i referenced in my last post

(i picture you with balls of yarn upon your back)
70 and sunny here so knitting is on the back burner for now...

Sayu said...

I love those little socks!! I love the Christmas color wool - really makes you feel the season! love you so much sible!

Alison said...

I can almost feel the warmth and coziness radiating right from your home through the screen and into mine—love that. Wishing I could reach right through and give you a big hug.
Loving those sweet little socks too, and your slippers ...yum! I need to catch up on my minis—so far not to many minis here, but there is time.

Lots o' <3 back to you and your family!

I said...

Great finds, great colors! Slippers are super cute. Hey, is that a knitted place mat under the darling mini-socks? If not, would be a great idea!