Tuesday, October 6, 2009

form of fall

Fall has been taking beautiful form here at the woolnest. Daily rhythm of school for the boy, lots of crafting and stories for the girl, dedicated at-home time for me, and the freedom of "school's out" for the dad. All that good routine, plus some novelties in the form of soccer, dance, girls' weekend, and Michigan football games has made us all very content.It seems that we're always crafting something, but to facilitate happier days at home for Hana and me, I try to think out some specific projects to pull out of my hat. A couple of weeks ago, I made appear a felting project that I had been mulling over for a while now. These pumpkins are the result of about a half-hour's worth of wet felting. We wrapped roving around some pinky balls (you know those super bouncy ones that are about the size of a tennis ball?), about five layers, with special attention paid to laying the fibers crosswise to the previous layer. Then we lowered the roving-covered balls into a basin of hot, soapy water, cradling the ball in our palms. Then I instructed Hana to cuddle the ball as gently as she could, as if she were handling a little chick. As I notice her wool starting to felt, I let her know that she can now pet the ball more like she pets the cat. Then, finally I let her knead the ball like bread dough. She really loved the whole process. After a night of drying, I snipped open the tops, and we felted the rims of the lid and the base so they wouldn't look so frayed and loose. Then we carefully needle-felted the stems; first the handle, leaving some loose bits to attach it to the lid. I plan to knit some wee mousies to hide inside the pumpkins for a bit of Halloween anticipation-quelling treat. Do your kids ask you every day, "How many days until Halloween?"?

And speaking of anticipation-quelling, here are the mini socks to-date for the Advent garland that I am knitting for Socktober. No. 6 is on the needles, a dark red one. I'm glad to be making these again, they are so cute and fun! We have also discovered that the sock is just the right size for Charlotte, Hana's newest not-new doll! She and her dad found themselves in the local "treasure store" while I was away, and scored a cute vintage doll! That's my girl! So, Chinese Lanterns and bouquets of basil, pumpkins and black cats, and mini-socks! I love the fall!!!

be well - xo


renee ~ heirloom seasons said...

Such cute little pumpkins! I love the idea, and especially how you guided your little one in the felting.

Hip Mountain Mama said...

Those pumpkins are just adorable! I haven't gotten in to wet felting yet...have been needle felting for a few months and love it!

Alison said...

Those little pumpkins are so pretty and so sturdy looking (you can see that girl's good felting—go Hana!). I love the idea that they can be used for little treasures...brilliant! You paint such a pretty picture here—I can almost feel the warmth of the woolnest...thank you...Alison