Monday, October 19, 2009

happy + happy!

The weather I love autumn for has returned! Today was sunny, crisp, and perfect. We could be outdoors without all of the layers we needed last week, and boy, did it feel great! So, I present the other knitting I referred to a couple of posts ago. The cold weather last week pushed this up the priority list past the mini-socks I've fallen behind on. It is a Top Down Garter Stitch Yoke Vest by Naganasu. I am so grateful to designers on Ravelry (like FaceBook for knitters) who produce such clear patterns. This is such a smart piece; from the short-row shaping which drops the front neckline down while keeping the back neckline up slightly higher, to the shoulder cozying cap sleeves, it keeps Hana's core warm without feeling bulky or constricting.

It is knit without seams which I love, and has a false seam down the sides which not only looks smart, but keeps the boxy shape and does not allow the sides to sag under their own weight. Buttonholes are worked along the front, which means no button bands, and I consider that a bonus with regard to construction as well as to aesthetic; simple is nice! When the garter stitch portion is complete, so are the sleeves, and the knitting continues until the yarn almost runs out. I reserved a bit of yarn to go back to the sleeves and pick up the sleeve stitches which were on a holder and some from the underarm, and then I cast off right away on the first round; this made a neat finish on the sleeves.

When I dug around in the button drawer, I came up with some which were saved from an old top (which has since become a tote bag!). I was pretty sure they would be rejected by Hana since they are kind of bland, but she surprised me! In turn, I surprised her with a different color thread for each button. Happy + happy!


tangled sky studio said...

sometimes i wish sage was a girl (only when i see super cute knitting like this...but still) super cute vest and girly girl! i'm assuming that's your lovely yard and tree as well?


ps: read the self care post and treated myself to a long bath last night...thanks for the link.

Alison said...

Cute! I love the tiny bit of color surprise, what a fabulous idea!