Friday, October 30, 2009

my place and yours: bedside

This weeks theme for My Place and Yours was (I'm a day late! - what else is new?) Bedside.
Ooh, that's scaaary, because my night stand is pretty much always a piled up mess! I am not exaggerating; even if I tidy it up, within a week, the piles begin to grow. Showing this here is an exposure to be sure! I'm almost done with the novel, Hana and I just started Little House on the Prairie (Jack, the dog, came back!), we're on our third or fourth round of The Children of Noisy Village, Mike Mulligan and Maryann need excavation, Under the Chinaberry Tree is under there somewhere, the Yarn Harlot is always good for a laugh, and Good Night, Moon needs no explanation. The stuff (shall I say "junk"?) you see up there are mostly items we remove right before bed: necklace, hair clip, bracelet, etc. I can't explain the socks. Little bits of yarn also need no explaning. I still can't believe I'm showing you this. Lucy would be proud!
I just checked in at Meet Me at Mike's, and this week's theme is Blog HQ. Care to play?

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