Monday, October 12, 2009


Out and about at the pumpkin field down the street: How does one choose?!
Out and about at home:

All the out-ness leads to happy in-the-house-ness: knitting socks, cooking soup, reading books, knitting socks, playing Scrabble, strumming guitar, knitting socks...! Sounds good, doesn't it?
I hope you are well. xoxo


tangled sky studio said...

Chuck and Theo left on a 4 day camping trip with school right as the weather really turned a a big rain storm is rolling in...maybe I should knit something for my tenderhearted boy's return....hmmm. I love the shots of the clear blue sky annri-thanks for brightening my day!

I said...

Fall-ing! You are so clever! Thank you for showing us the view from your eyes--it's a much brighter and broader view. I'll have to remind myself to check in more often especially when the noisy apartment is making me batty! love, I

Alison said...

Great outdoor shots! I should carry my camera more often, for sure.

Yep, soup, scrabble, socks, all sounds good to me!