Tuesday, October 20, 2009

my place and yours: on the shelf

Over at Meet Me at Mike's, a meme has begun called "My Place and Yours", and each week a participant will announce a theme to post about. Since I am often at a loss for what to talk/write about here, I've decided that this is a good way to start a "conversation." Plus, the joiner in me want to play along... :)

These shelves are windowsills which flank our stove, so I look at them a lot and like to keep sweet items that mark a special time or special someone(s). Many of the items are gifts like the little tagua nut bunny and the gem stone hearts. Our son made the tiles at a local tileworks on a special day out with friends shortly after his baby sister was born. I cried when the tiles came home because I felt like I missed out on a special time; one of the earliest emotional struggles for this mama who now had two babes. Now, I look at them and remind myself that it's important to accept the village which helps to bring up our children; that is not an easy thing for me, so I need to be reminded a lot.

More gifts on the other windowsill: a stone egg from Koji, another labrodorite heart, a simple beeswax candle from a dear friend which she instructed me to burn for myself (self-care reminder!), and a tag which says,

I don't want life
to imitate art,
I want life to be art.
On the reverse, it says, "art." This was a gift from a friend who always sparks a fire under me that says, "Let's just make it!", and she makes day-to-day life fun and special all the time, she really does make an art of it.
So, there you have it, this weeks meme installment from my place. Wanna' play?

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Pip Lincolne said...

A self care reminder! That is SUCH a good idea, to burn a candle for yourself. What a lovely friend you have, I think. So glad you played along with us! I hope your life is most artful today (and every day!) x