Thursday, October 1, 2009

Happy Socktober!

Have you checked out all the Socktoberfest goings on over at Ravelry?! I'm so grateful to Lauren for getting this yarn ball rolling! I am pretty excited for a mini sock knitalong that I instigated. Plus, Kirsten's knitalong for this year. Not to mention the socks I started last week! It's all so much fun! Just another reason to love fall...

The pattern I'm following for the mini sock knitalong is from Classic Elite Yarns Newsletter last fall. It's a great and quick knit, I had no trouble knitting a whole bunch. It only requires a small ball of left over sock yarn, if you're content with a bunch of different mini socks. Last year during the holidays, I made many bitty socks as gifts and fundraiser items with a small Equal Exchange Organic Chocolate bite inside and tucked in a piece of greenery. They were pretty cute, even if I do say so myself! ;-)

Here is a picture of the few I had left or saved from last year's production. Originally, I was going to make a Advent Garland like Leslie's (isn't that soooo cute?!), but with these mini socks/stockings instead. I ended up making gifts of them instead. I have a tendency to do that, you'll begin to see a pattern (pathology often repeats itself...) Anyway, I'm at it again! This year for Socktoberfest, I plan to knit one mini sock each day of October, and that will be enough for a garland and some gifts!

I'm also going to knitalong Through The Loops Mystery Socks '09! I made 2008's version, and love them, so as I am a joiner and starter of great legend, I decided to knitalong this year too! Tonight, when I'm done packing for a weekend away, I'll forage the stash and pick our some yumminess! Oh, that starting stuff really gets me going! (I am hopeless!)

The outing this weekend is a birthday celebration for a wonderful friend whom I originally met through the good ol' knitting group. Knitting will be expected, so I'm good! Maybe even one or two of them will decide to mini sockalong! One friend is also keen to get her crochet hook out, so I may even ripple a bit...

Have a beautiful weekend, Everyone, wherever you are! xoxo


tangled sky studio said...

i envy your stash which has way too much yumminess for one person!


t does wool said...

yummy socks...and I will be looking for more ;))